Remember me when I am gone away


I hate my job

I know part of my problems are because I take things somewhat personally. Not as an attack on me but just I take stupidity personally. I take it personally when I tell you something 5 different times and you acknowledge it like you get it and then the 6th time you tell me something different that tells me you clearly didn’t hear what I told you the first 5 times.

I’m not saying I’m the smartest person on the planet but I listen. I pay attention. If you tell me something once I generally get it and if I don’t then I ask you again until I do.

I have no tolerance for laziness or inattention or inability to ask a question. Especially when it comes back to make my job more difficult.

I’m exhausted. I’m behind on everything and I hate being behind. I am tired of asking people to do something and they blow me off like it’s not important.  Because they’re always the first to bitch when something goes wrong. I need a vacation but I have too much to do and if I take a vacation I’ll come back to an even bigger mess. Everyone on my team is miserable and a lot of us have been miserable since January or before and it’s not letting up.

I’m sleepy but I’m also afraid to go to bed because I’m afraid I’ll just wake up in a few hours unable to sleep.

I did not get the job

I’m a little bummed because I really hate my current situation but the more I thought about it the more I don’t think it would’ve been right for me. I probably would’ve done fine in it but I could see myself feeling the same way about it that I feel now about my job.

Why can’t I just find a low-stress, high-paying, no group work job? I feel like I have been a bundle of nerves and stress for a year. It never ends. Even the lulls are stressful because that just means that everything will come at me at once soon which it is. I’ve brought my laptop home and done work every night since Thursday. I hate doing work at night at home but I can’t get it done during the day because I have to spend it responding to emails from people freaking out about this or that. I try to ignore emails but I know how much it frustrates me not to get responses so I try to respond the day I get an email.

Why TED Has Given All Of Its Employees A Mandatory Two-Week Summer Vacation




Here’s an idea worth spreading: Enforced time off. Now, go share this with your boss. Read More>

It is honestly the best idea I would never willingly indulge in if I wasn’t forced to, she says as she reblogs something on the Internet.

I would love this. At least the Christmas break. No one ever works then so I don’t know why we keep pretending we do.

Walt’s face when Vic tells him Sean told her she had to quit was amazing. If only she’d been paying attention she wouldn’t have been so mad when he didn’t say anything to really convince her to stay. But he looked like he was lost already with just the threat that she would be gone.


Fuck, Marry, or Kill with Sleepy Hollow Cast - George Washington, Paul Revere, and Benjamin Franklin





I almost died just now.

I really wish I felt I could rely on even half of the people I work with in other departments. Or even my own department. I can never ever meet my own deadlines because the people I rely on can’t meet theirs for me. No matter how many reminders I send, how many meetings I have, or how many calls I make. I have to work weekends to try to stay on top of things because people constantly deliver things late.

Just fucking do your job. How hard is that? Don’t make me constantly have to bug you. I don’t like doing it and I’m sure it irritates you.

I really want to know how the fuck I got poison ivy. I didn’t touch a damn plant whatsoever. I can’t even remember the last time I had poison ivy. I’m pretty sure that it was when it was so bad I had to take steroids and get a shot to get rid of it. I kept hoping I was wrong but it’s not going away.